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A22 Tannery started its tanning activities in 2015,

based in Veneto and in Tuscany.

Both second generation tannery owners, they laid the foundations of a new company that made a name for itself as a worldwide leading manufacturer and exporter of luxury suede leather.

The Company takes its name from the A22 highway that links the two main districts of the Italian leather industry - Veneto and Tuscany, covered on a weekly basis by the two owners.  

The Company Head Office along with the manufacturing plant and logistics facility are located Chiampo (Vicenza) well known as the "leather district".

The extreme attention to detail and the finest quality of the products - all exclusively Made in Italy - made A22 Tannery a worldwide point of reference for bovine hides for the garment, footwear and leather goods industries.

The company is proud to offer a very efficient service for last-minute deliveries, with more than 100 colors always in stock, ready to be shipped in 24 hours from the order

A22 Tannery's fast growth in recent years is proof of the Company's commitment to integrity, passion, and quality.

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